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Embracing the Journey

"Remember to tell your story"

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About the author:

Kimberly Matthews-Todd, child of God, proud mother, ordained minister, and educator is a spirit-filled woman with a welcoming heart. This woman of faith and determination has chosen to take her life experiences and make them purposeful. She understands the power of sharing with others. Always seeking to provide words of encouragement, this woman of compassion is known for her “nugget-dropping tidbits” and her calming spirit. Kimburli is available for women's conferences, parenting workshops, early childhood workshops, family sessions, and private consultations.

Our Story

Embracing the Journey offers poetic experiences from all walks of life. The illustrations allow the reader to capture these experiences' beauty and wonderment visually. Perhaps “ Kimburli’s” lifelong journey and healing process will provide the catalyst you may need to embrace your own.

Embracing the Journey-Brought to Life

A Forty-Year Journey
A Child's Innocence
When God Speaks

A Publishing Success Story

The vision for this project was not only to publish my journey through poems but also to bring some of the entries to life. Here, my journey comes to life in photography. 

Jade, My Precious Gift

God sent, You!
Prison Life
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