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My Story

As a child, I always had great teachers who invested their time and energy to make sure we had meaningful and educational learning experiences. Those experiences left me curious to learn even more. I made a choice to give back and plant seeds with the students I encounter regardless of their age or the life challenges they may be facing.

So now, I put what I have learned over the years into practice daily.  I had to embark on one of my own to coach others through their metamorphosis journey. I had some coaching along the way and sometimes need to take a moment to check my wings so that I may continue to take flight.  When we first see the butterfly emerge in the spring, we marvel at its beauty on the outside, but we never know what it had to endure on the inside to become so beautiful. 


Take control of YOUR LIFE.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".


Nelson Mandela

My Mission


  • To provide faith-based transformational coaching.

  • To provide intentional coaching that inspires positive changes in our individual clients' lives.

  • To provide authentic, personal, and educational coaching services.

When you begin your metamorphosis journey, you will engage in transformational coaching that is built on the foundation of integrity and fairness. The process involves goal setting, support and recognition, the stirring of emotions, self- examation/ self-care and encouragement.

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